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New song demo

Feb 1st 2009

We had a practise yesterday for the first time in donkeys. Jon couldn’t make it so it was as a two piece. Read more »

Mark Kozelek at Oran Mor Glasgow

June 28th 2008

Went to see Mark Kozelek (Red house painters & Sun kil moon) last night in Oran Mor and he was fabulous. I’ve got a red house painters retrospective album which I bought after hearing it being played in Brunswick cellars (pub in Glasgow) on a friday afternoon waiting for my girlfriend. Read more »

Top ten rock bands – ever!!!

I’m tired of seeing top ten lists full of the standard bands such as the beatles, U2 and Radiohead. What about the bands out there that actually have a bit of balls. In compiling this list my main criteria has been longevity, innovation and greatsoundingness. Read more »

Musicians doing ads

Have you seen that advert where iggy pop tries to sell you insurance. Iggy Pop selling Insurance. WTF? Ive never been his biggest fan but I had always thought of him as a bit of a dude. Read more »

Is there anyone left on Myspace

I logged into the your scarecrow myspace account the other day. I haven’t been checking it as much as I used to for the simple fact that it only seems to be used by other bands. Either that or band promoters, badge sellers, van hires for bands etc.  Read more »

Recording your own music

Recently i’ve been getting into recording my own music. I love going into a studio but its a long process and costs plenty so It’s good to be able to record a quick demo and pop it on the site.  So today I’m unveiling our new demosection.   Read more »

Hello world!

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