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Is there anyone left on Myspace

I logged into the your scarecrow myspace account the other day. I haven’t been checking it as much as I used to for the simple fact that it only seems to be used by other bands. Either that or band promoters, badge sellers, van hires for bands etc.  As usual I checked the friend requests and it was the usual mix of requests from bands along with added notes to convince me to add them. I usually add anyone unless they try too hard with a comment or plaster a huge ad on my page but I’m pretty sure that the people who joined myspace to mess about with friends don’t give a shit about about your or my band. I used to love myspace and still do to an extent but I think that the over promotion of bands have pushed all the fans away to other sites like facebook where they won’t be bothered by bands all day.

Just as I was thinking that myspace was empty of music fans I got a message from one of the bands friends on there saying how much he loved some of the songs on our album.  Awesome. So although I’ve signed us up to Facebook and Twitter our myspace page will still get some love now and then.

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