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Mark Kozelek at Oran Mor Glasgow

June 28th 2008

Went to see Mark Kozelek (Red house painters & Sun kil moon) last night in Oran Mor and he was fabulous. I’ve got a red house painters retrospective album which I bought after hearing it being played in Brunswick cellars (pub in Glasgow) on a friday afternoon waiting for my girlfriend.

It was something that I loved instantly, so much so that I even braved talking to the “too cool for school” barmaid to find out what it was. So anyway, i’ve got this album but I’ve never got around to getting any of his other stuff but I figured i’d hear at least one of the songs I knew. I didn’t, and it was still one of the best concerts i’ve been to. He came in wearing one of those scream masks as it was Halloween. I Assumed he’d take it off after a while but he kept it on for most of the show. It was surreal seeing and hearing this guy in fancy dress playing these beautiful songs.

A couple of the crowd were not impressed and kept shouting for him to “lose the mask” to which he replied, “i’ll lose the mask when you lose the fucking accent” , so not a fan of the Glasgow twang and obviously pissed off about being told what to do on stage. It was good to see someone for a change who didn’t give a shit about pandering to the crowd. A great show, i’ve got to get around to getting more of his stuff and i recommend you do too.

sun kil moon

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