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Musicians doing ads

Have you seen that advert where iggy pop tries to sell you insurance. Iggy Pop selling Insurance. WTF? Ive never been his biggest fan but I had always thought of him as a bit of a dude. Its not really the selling out that I find odd especially when the public aren’t buying as much music these days. Everyone needs cash and all that but shouldnt the iggster be advertising something like musical instruments, or maybe even an album. I don’t know.  Is that not a bit obvious?

Heres another few glorious acts of artists embarassing themselves. Surely these guys aren’t short of a bob or two so you’ve got to ask yourself why?

Brandon Boyd from Incubus wants you to buy GAP jumpers. I used to love Incubus so as a fan this one really embarrassed me.

Bob Dylan wants to sell you victorias secret lingerie. Maybe he just loves ladies pants.


Jack White is concerned that you should only drink Coca Cola. Rock and Roll.

Which musician do you think has embarassed themselves the most? John lydons butter advert doesn’t count because that one’s off the scale.

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