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Recording your own music

Recently i’ve been getting into recording my own music. I love going into a studio but its a long process and costs plenty so It’s good to be able to record a quick demo and pop it on the site.  So today I’m unveiling our new demosection.   Getting the time and money for studios takes a while so inbetween our more polished efforts Im going to be adding all sorts of tunes to the demos section. Sometimes the demo will just be a riff, other times a whole song with drums and whistles et al.   I’ve found that it’s not that difficult to get a decent copy of a song if you just embrace the do it yourself ethos. This is how its done.

I’ve tinkered for years in making my own demos, using everything from 4 track tape recorders to mini discs and now ive gone all digital.  A couple of years ago I got my hands on a palm top 3 track studio. zoom palm top studio

Pretty handy in that you can lay down three different tracks and mix them down. Its got an input for guitars and mics but whats really handy is the inbuilt microphone which I use for drums. I can basically record it all on the three track but its got limited memory so I just use it now as an input for getting instruments recorded onto my laptop. Theres quite a few studio programs that you can download trials for and that are reasonably simple to use. I’ve been using Cakewalk and Reaper.

Once you’v e got your recording equipment sorted its just a case of recording the different parts of the song. This is quite tricky as it all has to be seamless to sound any good. I recommend getting the drums down first, that is if the song has drums in it. Its a lot less hassle if it doesn’t. When laying the drums down the important thing to remember is to add guidelines for the parts without drums such as intros,  and practise until you can play the thing in your sleep.  The most important aspect of recording is the engineers ear. Having good equipment is also beneficial but the most expensive studio can return crappy results without the right ear for the song. Thats what I find so much fun about the process of recording my own tracks, as I’m doing it with limited audio knowledge its always hit and miss. But the funs in the doing.  Heres a couple of my previous doings.

Your Scarecrow demos

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